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Sea Grape Natural Leaf Plate for Dessert and Dry food 50 pic 7" Biodegrable

Sea Grape Natural Leaf Plate for Dessert and Dry food 50 pic 7" Biodegrable

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Sea grape is one of the largest of a limited variety of native plants that tolerate and thrive in salty soil and air. Because of this it’s an important sea dune stabilization plant. It’s roots keep sand in place and prevent the erosion of the beach from the tides and storms. Be very careful when harvesting Sea grapes that are near the ocean or other bodies of water, only take from well established plants that are part of a large group. Don’t take more than a third of the available fruit and even fewer of the leaves. The leaves are potent medicine and you shouldn’t need many anyway.

Medicinal and Food Properties

As a traditional medicine in the Caribbean and South America, tea made from the leaves is used to treat intestinal issues such as diarrhea and dysentery, as well as sore throat and asthma. A decoction of the leaves is astringent and has been traditionally used on the skin to relieve irritation caused by rashes and wounds.56

A patent filing from 1999 suggests drinking tea made with the leaves reduces blood sugar. Though drinking too much can make your blood sugar too low, especially if taken with medications made to do the same thing. The beneficial compounds in the leaves are resistant to both high heat and stomach acids, making them an ideal remedy for high blood sugar that can be taken by mouth.78

The leaves have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Studies have shown a strong tea made with sea grape leaves used topically, on the surface of an object or the skin, will slow or prevent the growth of many common bacteria and funguses. 9

The ripe fruits are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and can be eaten raw or made into wine or jelly.10

The tree attracts pollinators including bees. The resulting honey is especially sweet and slightly spicy. 11


Be wary if you have diabetes and are on medication for it. Sea grape’s glucose lowering properties may lower your blood sugar to an unsafe level.

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