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L>Bamboo Type Palm Leaf Plate 9.5 " Square 20 Pic - Sea Grape Dessert Plate 20 Pic and 60" Utensils - 20 Pic Napkin disposable

L>Bamboo Type Palm Leaf Plate 9.5 " Square 20 Pic - Sea Grape Dessert Plate 20 Pic and 60" Utensils - 20 Pic Napkin disposable

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Palm Leaf Plates - Wooden Cutlery - Biodegradable We are proud to bring you our ran - Disposable of natural, sustainable plates and bowls, made from the fallen leaves of the areca palm tree.t

These 100% biodegradable plates and bowls are durable, lightweight and require minimal processing from tree to table.

  the fallen palm leaf is gathered (it is not cut – only the fallen leaves are suitable)

  it is then washed in spring water

• then heat-pressed into shape (this also sterilises the leaf) – no chemicals, waxes, dyes or additives are used

Palm Leaf Plates are a stylish and unique alternative to other disposable tableware on the market.

• Stronger and more natural than corn or potato starch, sugar cane, paper & bamboo plates

• They won’t harm our environment and can be burnt, taken to a landfill or composted

• Microwave-, oven- and refrigerator-safe. Don’t try this with other disposable plates!

This cottage industry provides a source of income for many families in South Asia, making Palm Leaf Plates a responsible decision for your family, their families, and our environment.

What better way of utilizing nature’s gift of fallen leaves! This is truly nature’s tableware.MICROWAVE SAFE





Sea Grape Leaves Plate

Sea grape leaf plates are made from fallen sea grape leaves. Sea grape is a plant in the central coastal provinces of Vietnam. These handmade products are environmental friendly and safe to the users. Fallen sea grape leaves are collected, cleaned and heat pressed. The products are dried at suitable temperatures and UV sterilized before being packed with PE film (100% biodegradable).

Sea grape leaf plates are biodegradable, selected as a great alternative to the single-use dish today. However, this single-use disposal product may be reusable if only used for serving dry food.

Sea grape leaf plates are produced at various sizes, can be used for serving dry, liquid and cold food with load capacity of 0.2 kg. The product is un microwavable.  

Using sea grape leaf plates is one of the green and responsible living styles

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