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Eco Elegant Tableware

50 Pic Sea Grape Dessert Plate 7" - 150 Pic Utensils Wood Birch Disposable - Biodegradable

50 Pic Sea Grape Dessert Plate 7" - 150 Pic Utensils Wood Birch Disposable - Biodegradable

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Palm Leaf plate -wooden cutlery

Rustic & Elegant  dinner plates are a stylish and planet friendly alternative to any disposable paper or plastic dinnerware. They are produced from a renewable and biodegradable raw material - fallen Indian Areca Palm Leaves. Each leaf is unique with its beautiful grains and textures and so each plate has that natural, wood like appearance. The plates may vary in color from light beige to a dark brown and may have a very mild, pleasant, woody scent. Great For Any Occasion Palm leaf plates are lighter than bamboo or wood plates, yet so strong they can hold up to 20 times their own weight and are puncture and leak resistant, freezer and heat safe (oven safe up to 350 F for 45 minutes, and microwave safe on high for 2 minutes). They are perfect for serving hot or cold food and durable for use with knives and forks without any worry of leak

Sea Grape Leaves Plate

Sea grape leaf plates are made from fallen sea grape leaves. Sea grape is a plant in the central coastal provinces of Vietnam. These handmade products are environmental friendly and safe to the users. Fallen sea grape leaves are collected, cleaned and heat pressed. The products are dried at suitable temperatures and UV sterilized before being packed with PE film (100% biodegradable).

Sea grape leaf plates are biodegradable, selected as a great alternative to the single-use dish today. However, this single-use disposal product may be reusable if only used for serving dry food.

Sea grape leaf plates are produced at various sizes, can be used for serving dry, liquid and cold food with load capacity of 0.2 kg. The product is un microwavable.  

Using sea grape leaf plates is one of the green and responsible living styles

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s. Our dinnerware is 100% bio-based, meaning it’s totally compostable, biodegradable and chemical free – making them a unique and great quality natural alternative to your disposable party supplies. Care Instructions Each plate i

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